Newport News man arrested for child neglect, marijuana possession

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Nico Lackland, age 20

Newport News, Va. – A Newport News man is now facing child neglect and marijuana possession charges, police tell NewsChannel 3.

On February 5, 2014 at about 3 p.m., police officers in the area of Colony Road and Red Barn in the 13000 block of Warwick Blvd., saw an individual they recognized as Nico Lackland. Police say Lackland was standing next to a vehicle.

Police were aware that Lackland had an active warrant on file for felony child neglect.

Officers approached Lackland and advised him he was under arrest for warrants. During the arrest, police say Lackland had multiple wrapped baggies containing suspect marijuana in his possession.

Lackland was arrested and the active warrant was served. He was also summoned for possession of marijuana, police say.

The child neglect/endangerment warrant was for a November 2013 incident in which Lackland was charged with possession of a concealed weapon and possession of marijuana while a passenger was in a vehicle. Police say he also had an infant child as a passenger.

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  • Swede

    The charge for Marijuana should not stand. It is a plant. If anything, & if the police are decent enough, he should have mandatory therapy to treat this as an “addiction”. The concealed weapon & the baby is another case. If this man is sent to prison he will come out much worse. Look at this kid. Look at his face. He needs help & reeducation, and whatever kid was in his car needs help & needs to never be around him.

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