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Norfolk sentencing for former school worker delayed until summer

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It will be months before a former Virginia Beach school worker will be sentenced for sleeping with a teenage boy in her Norfolk home last year.

Patience Perez was supposed to be sentenced last year, but Norfolk officials have had to delay sentencing twice, and the boy's mother is even more frustrated to learn the sentencing has now been pushed to July 2014.

"It's like my heart sunk and I just bust out crying," the mother told NewsChannel 3 investigator Jessica Larche.  "{My son} grabbed me and he hugged me and he said we'll get through this mom."

Back in October, Perez pleaded guilty in Norfolk to sleeping with the then 15-year-old Renaissance Academy student between February and March of 2013.

Records said the affair started while Perez worked at the Virginia Beach school as an assitant security guard.

"She ruined my son," said the boy's mother.  "And I can't take away his pain."

Following Perez's plea in October, a sentencing date was set for December.  However, that was continued because the lead prosecutor got another job.

Another date set for January 2014, but Norfolk Commonwealth Attorney officials said that was continued because someone linked to the defense had a baby.

Online court records now show Perez will be sentenced in Norfolk on July 18, 2104.

"We live and breath this everyday and we've been trying to resume a normal life and we thought it was going to be over this month," said the mother.

Perez is facing charges related to the same incidents in Virginia Beach.  Officials there said they are ready to proceed with a sentencing hearing there on February 18, 2014.


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    • Rae

      How would you feel if it happened to your son or daughter? You can’t begin to feel our pain! Your ignorance is blatant! There is no difference between it being a male teacher or a female teacher… it’s still molestation! Race has nothing to do with this! And, your statement with regards to it being my son’s ideal… YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT THE HELL YOU’RE TALKING ABOUT!

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