92-year-old woman beaten during Chesapeake home invasion

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Chesapeake, Va. - Police are investigating the beating of a 92-year-old woman in a home invasion.

It happened just after midnight in the 2400 block of Watermill Grove.

Police say the suspects forced their way into the back of the home and beat the woman with an object while she was sleeping.

“What are you looking for? I have nothing! I`m just an old lady that`s accumulated a lot of junk!”

That’s what 92-year-old Florence Mann has to say to whoever broke into her home and bruised her chin.

“It hurt! It hurt like the devil,” she told NewsChannel 3.

She says they knocked down the back door, then went to her room, and threw her scale at her face while she was lying in bed.

“They opened the door to my room. It wasn`t locked but it was shut. Then they threw the scale and hit me.  When I woke up, I said `what in the heck is going on?! I`ve lived here 92 years I don`t want to go out like that,” Mann said.

That’s when she called 911. Then she realized whoever came into her home ransacked the inside, but didn’t take anything.

“I don`t have anything for them to take that young people would want. Old people would appreciate some things, but not young people,” she added.

Chesapeake investigators tell NewsChannel 3 there was a similar break-in on the same street that day. Similarly, the intruders didn’t take anything, but there, no one was home.

"It makes you more alert,” says Freddie Herman, who lives next door to Florence. “There's no doubt about that. We have a civic league meeting coming up and I’m sure it's going to be the topic of what's going on." 

Herman says the 80 year-old man who lives at that house wasn't there but it's the older folks in the neighborhood he says that seem to be the targets.

As for Florence, she just wishes she could have avoided the bruise on her chin.

“I wish I could tell them, next time knock on my door and tell me what you want!” she said.


    • david

      yeah that sounds all fine and good, but who do you think has the advantage when your mom or anyone is in a dead sleep? the bad guy does. He’s wide awake, adrenalin in high gear, with intent. Clearly has the advantage. Don’t just spout off they would be in a bag when unless you have cat-like reflexes and a crystal ball that is probably not going to happen.

      • s

        I don’t see why you commented like that ,he was only saying what would happen if someone did that to his mom,he wasn’t condoning what they did.You would feel that way about your precious MOTHER too?Whats your PROBLEM!

        • david

          My point tool is that I love when someone says, ‘if it were my house or me that they would need a body bag, they’d leave 6′ under’ or something to that effect. I get what they are trying to say. Lots of keyboard commandos out there that need to think before they speak. I get the passion, but let’s be real. Try it some time. If you don’t like my comments then move on to others.

          • MD

            David, do us all a favor and shut up already. You sound like the very thing you stated you hate…a internet armchair tough buy.

  • aisha blount

    I agreeee with you both!To beat an ELDERLY PERSON,they need to be TORTURED and then LAIDED TO REST by any means necessary.

  • s

    By the way a “THUG” can be any person of an ETHNIC group!Being insane,deranged,crazy,and mental has no COLOR attached to it!Because I’m sick of these PREJUDICE folks talking about BLACK this BLACK that!LOOK at the news and see how many WHITES are running neck to neck with BLACKS in criminal activity.I really haven’t seen to many other nationalities such as ASIANS,INDIANS,SPANISH,HISPANICS,MEXICANS,etc committing criminal acts.

    • Jay Thomas

      No? Try cruising down middle Jefferson at night in Newport News if you are looking for Hispanic criminals!! If you are missing any ethnic groups of criminals, let me know, because I have seen them all! You just have to know where they are practicing their trade!

  • John Henry

    va laws protect the crooks that break into your home while you are still in it. the victim is expected to cower or retreat somewhere until the criminal has left. (loose interpretation)

    Even if [the] actions [of the person threatening the defendant’s property] were unwarranted or illegal, the defendant, as an owner of personal property, did not have the right to assert or defend his possessory rights thereto by the use of deadly force. In Montgomery v. Commonwealth, 98 Va. 840, 842-43, 36 S.E. 371, 372 (1900),

    B. A person has NO RIGHT TO THREATEN THE USE OF DEADLY FORCE solely to defend his property. (This is a recent change in the law). (Example, you CANNOT brandish a firearm to run someone off who is breaking into your unoccupied car in a parking lot)

    C. The policy behind the law of defending property holds that human life is far more important than your TV or your car.

    D. But remember that most home burglary situations involve defending not only your property but yourself, your spouse, and your children who are in the home.

  • JC

    Interesting, they left out a physical description of the crooks. Pretty hard to be on the lookout if we don’t know simple things like what they look like. Although it is Chesapeake so one can assume safely.

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