Crews work to clear bus stops in Hampton

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HRT has hired three contractors to clear bus stops, NewsChannel 3 has learned.

Crews started Tuesday and Wednesday on high priority bus stops, with about 10 to 15 trucks working.

A spokesperson for HRT says there are a lot of bus stops across the region, and crews are responding to the "busiest ones" first.

The City of Hampton is now sending its own crews out to clear bus stops, in hopes of having buses running again.

What provisions have been made for pedestrians who rely on bus service?

"There's no question about it, it is an inconvenience," says Tom Holden of HRT.

"The cities have worked very hard to clear the streets," Holden says.

For more answers on HRT bus service, see the video above.

NewsChannel 3 will have more on this story today, starting First at Four.

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