Man strips down to his boxers to make snow angels for a good cause

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Chad Ward made a joke on Facebook and his neighbors called his bluff.

Rushing into the snow in just his underwear, he was anything but graceful. He plopped down and made child's art as a grown man wearing superman boxers.

"I wish there was a charity that would allow me to do something crazy like this for a good cause. [I] didn't want to really embarrass my family without it being for something worthwhile."

So the big man with a big heart linked up with Their goal is to give water purifiers to people without access to clean water in Africa.

Ward and two of his friends jumped in the snow, nearly baring it all after raising $1,000 in less than a day from people who donated to his campaign at

"It's been a crazy ride and I'm ready to do it again," Ward said. "The plan was to start doing it every $500 and I'll do it until the snow melts. So I'm praying for some warm weather and some generous hearts out there, too."

Does he regret saying he'd jump into the snow to raise money for clean water in Africa?

When the cold first hits his skin, maybe, but once he warms up, he feels satisfied taking action for those in need.

If you would like to donate, go to Ward's page here.


  • Dawn

    Awesome… If the ones with negative comments would turn that into something positive the worldwould be better off. I think the negative people are only negative because they did not come up with something first.

  • brittney

    check out my friend raising over $1000 in a day for Active Water. Amazing how many lives are being saved in Africa, they have already raised enough to put 15 Biosand Filters in homes. This means 15 Families in Zambia, Africa will have clean drinking water for 15-20 years and their struggles with sickness and disease will come to an end.

  • ashley

    Why not donate for a good cause in the US?! We have plenty of people in need, and I really hope none of you believes that they acutally deliver purifiers to Africans in Africa.
    C’mon people…. smh

    • Michael Stohler

      Dear Ashley, There are plenty of worthy causes in the US and people in need, All of the people involved in this story help in many ways right here in their own community. Also I have been to Zambia, Africa with Active Water and I have personally been a part of building and installing water purifiers called Bio Sand Filters in Schools and homes in villages in Ndola, Zambia. Go to if you want to see more of the work Active Water is helping with in Zambia. So before you speak from ignorance get some facts and that should help you. Whole villages are being saved because now they have access to clean water because of Active waters work. Next time you turn on the faucet in your house, be thankful that as an American you have clean water right there. My friends in Ndola, Zambia do not and that is why we do what we do. Have a great day,

  • Jenn Logan

    I know one of the guys that did the snow angels in this story and he is a great guy and simply trying to help a good cause. I agree with the other person that said it would be good to take the negative comments and turn them into something positive instead of voicing your negativity to a story of someone doing something good. Good job Chad and friends.

  • Kathy hess

    I would like to praise him and his team for doing this. It’s people like Chad and his friends that do good deeds to help others that makes a difference! A big difference! Way to go!

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