No tolls for emergency, other official vehicles on Downtown/Midtown Tunnels

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Richmond, Va. – Governor Terry McAuliffe announced today that tolls on the Downtown and Midtown tunnels, scheduled to begin Feb. 1, will not be charged for fire trucks, ambulances, local police, school buses and employees of the transportation facility when conducting official business.

VDOT and Elizabeth River Crossings (ERC) are working to amend their comprehensive agreement, allowing free passage for such vehicles.

“It is critical that local police, firefighters and other first responders have free access to use the Downtown and Midtown tunnels,” said Gov. McAuliffe. “I appreciate ERC’s willingness to work with our Administration and expand the list of exemptions to include emergency vehicles.”

Prior to the amendment, Virginia State Police, sheriffs and sheriff deputies, and VDOT and Department of Motor Vehicle employees on official business would not be charged tolls; but, local emergency responders and police were not included in the list.

Governor McAuliffe announced last week that initial toll rates will be cut in half to provide toll relief for motorists.

ERC is the private company that is financing, building, operating and maintaining the Elizabeth River Tunnels Project that will provide a second Midtown Tunnel, rehabilitate the existing Midtown and Downtown tunnels and extend the Martin Luther King Freeway from London Blvd. to Interstate 264.

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  • Don M

    This shows how ill conceived the entire toll process was. These entities should of been exempt from the start. How could anyone even consider charging local emergency vehicles in the first place?

  • marv

    i diont know wats the big deal when i was station in earl new jersey i had to pay 6 dollars at the time to go in and out of new york our tolls back here its cheap as hell but i do agree with emergency vehicles they shouldnt be charged

  • RB

    I would like to know why Tow Trucks are not considered
    Emergency Vehicles?? I own a towing co. And our employees
    Risk their lives every day when they are called to assist in
    Emergency situations .
    There are alot of other Towing Businesses that I’m sure would
    Tell you the same.
    So, why don’t they exempt our business from tolls?
    We should be put in the category as the firemen, police,ambulances.
    And I’m speaking for all our fellow towers.

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