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Share your snow photos: Part 4

Posted on: 11:47 am, January 20, 2014, by , updated on: 10:05am, January 23, 2014

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  • Our front yard in Gloucester, 6 am, about five inches.

  • Rosemont Forest, Virginia Beach

  • My husband didn't believe Hampton would actual see this blanket of snow.

  • Michelle and David Miller in Yorktown

  • Jpeg

  • Suffolk Snow by April

  • Snow on ES by Shannon

  • Snow on Eastern Shore by Shannon

  • Snow on Eastern Shore by Shannon 2

  • Snow in Western Branch by Marlene

  • Snow in Western Branch by Marlene (2)

  • Snow in Virginia Beach by Allegra Halyard

  • Snow in Suffolk by April

  • Snow in Suffolk by April (2)

  • Snow in Norfolk by Zina

  • Snow in Hertford NC by Tract

  • Snow in Chesapeake by Jennifer Faulkenberry

  • Snow by Andrew

  • Salem Woods by Ed Borela

  • Photo by Tuesday Alaniz

  • Photo by Andrew Schaeffer

  • Photo by Andrew Schaeffer (2)

  • North Suffolk

  • Kelly H., Greenbrier area

  • Great Bridge in Chesapeake

  • Denbigh area by Jackie Collins

  • Chesapeake Snow by Jennifer Faulkenberry

  • Drifting snow across Freemason Green in Norfolk. Taken by Adam F around 11:40pm.

  • Half-drift along Freemason Street. Photo by Adam F around 11:50pm.

  • Just me.. Ron Burgundy Stay classy Hampton Roads

  • Everything is covered with white blanket around ODU.

  • Lovin' the snowfall, want 12 inches more!

  • Put my outdoor tree back up because its pretty in the snow :)

  • 10:00 pm

  • There is about an inch of snow on the deck out back.

  • Looking across the street toward my neighbors house

  • Happy car enjoying the snow

  • Tiny Snowman by Jeff Abbot in Hickory

  • Snow in Yorktown by Hope Walikainen

  • Snow in Western Branch by Carla Blechman by Brittany Caulder

  • Snow in Virginia Beach 2014 by David Coleman

  • Snow in Portsmouth by Ashley Nicole Hasty

  • Snow in Elizabeth City by Gina Cherry Chalker

  • Snow in Chesapeake near Western Branch High School

  • Abby and Isaac in Virginia Beach Photo by Jessica Wester

  • Snow in Suffolk

  • Snow in Suffolk

  • Gates County, NC by Amanda Smith

  • Biscuit zimmerman in the snow for the first time. Photo by Otelia Zimmerman.

  • Pic by Wayne Wilkerson in Elizabeth City

  • Snow on Hayes (Gloucester Co.) by Clarissa Fitzpatrick

  • Harley from Elizabeth City

  • Southmills NC by Mary Boehm

  • Courtland snow by Spring Harris

  • Snow in Courtland, VA by Patricia Morris

  • My cat trying to catch the snowflakes as they blow past the door.

  • Paul Hirleman Gloucester Co

  • Culver Lane and Ringfield Area in Ocean Lakes

  • Va. Beach Engine 21, Ladder 21, Battalion 4 by Michael Mullins

  • Taken around 8:30pm in the Oriental garden near the Pagoda in Norfolk.

  • Taken around 8:15pm at the Pagoda near downtown Norfolk

  • my side yard looking over grace church

  • playset covered

  • No grilling tonight

  • Front yard of VB, our car.

  • Opus 99's band manager wrote their name in the snow in Portsmouth, Va. Jan. 21, 2014.

  • My front yard in Chesapeake, VA.

  • 7:PM Tuesday at North, VA

  • Chad

  • Virginia Beach near Kempsville and Centerville

  • Snowing in Sandy Cross, Gates County

  • Dylan's first snowball of the year- Norfolk

  • The "snow event" when it first began...did you get your bread & milk? Ha

  • Our dogs 1st time seeing snow, he was trying to eat it...

  • Paul Hirleman in Gloucester County

  • Photo by Eric Jones in Chuckatuck VA.

  • From Angie Duck Vaughan in Corapeake

  • From William Peacock in Hallieford

  • Eric Jones in Chuckatuck

  • Town Center, from photographer Vincent Earley

  • Virginia Beach Boulevard near Independence Blvd. from WTKR photographer Vincent Earley

  • Cody Todd


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