Hampton Roads school divisions take action to keep students safe and warm

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UPDATE: Norfolk public schools are on a two-hour delay. Essential personnel and school bus drivers should report on time.

Virginia Beach, Va. - With the coldest weather in years set to move in to Hampton Roads overnight, school divisions are taking action to keep students safe and warm.

Norfolk, Virginia Beach and Chesapeake Public Schools tell NewsChannel 3 that bus drivers will be in early Tuesday morning to make sure buses are functioning properly in the extreme cold.

Norfolk and Virginia Beach school officials report that heat will be kept on through the night at school facilities.

"Our facility supervisors have been asked to check their heat and also to run the heat through the evening to make sure all systems are operational," explained Elizabeth Mather with Norfolk Public Schools.

Norfolk Public Schools issued the following statement:

Norfolk Public Schools leaders are reviewing weather information from the Norfolk Department of Emergency Preparedness and Response as well as the National Weather Service regarding predictions of extreme cold conditions on Tuesday, January 7, 2014. Safety of students and staff is always the top priority when making decisions regarding changing school schedules due to weather.

Facilities supervisors will be checking schools' heating systems today and early Tuesday morning, and school bus drivers are set to conduct pre-run checks to ensure that buses are running properly before leaving to pick up children, if school remains in session as normal. If a decision is made to modify the school schedule, with a delayed start or a cancellation, parents and staff will be notified via reverse phone call, the NPS Web site, NPS Facebook and Twitter, Norfolk Cox Cable Ch. 47 (WNPS) and local commercial media.

In the meantime, parents and guardians are asked to ensure that children are dressed properly for very cold weather on Tuesday, including coats, hats and gloves.

For any updates on potential school delays or cancellations, click here. 


  • selena

    But what about the students that walk yeah you cant control that and those students whose parents have to work this is really messed up most schools are closed

  • James Dunderman

    The older school buildings in Portsmouth Public Schools are always freezing cold, and tomorrow they will be worse. MOUNT HERMON and DAC CTR and SH CLARK are old with broken down heating systems. Check it out they always doing maintenance to patch them up. Poor kids!

  • Ally Jo

    Hampton City Schools needs at least a 2 hr delay. The kids will be at the bus stop freezing their tushes off tomorrow morning. I hope their prepared for a lot of angry parents if nothing is done and our kids have to be outside in the frigid temps.

  • Mary

    It’s amazing which school systems actually care about the welfare of our children and which don’t. What’s wrong with you Chesapeake? A two hour delay should be the least that is done.

  • vafun

    The real concern should be those students who dont have proper gear. I see kids without coats at the bustop everyday. I am especially concerned this could be the case today. Schools need to take this into account during weather situations like this. I hope they do not regret the decision to open.

  • Jake Harris

    Kids in Virgina Beach don’t really own ‘coats, hats, and gloves’. It’s usually so warm here. Furthermore, what do they intend to do for the kids that have to walk?

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