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In the middle of July, with huge thunderstorm downpours repeatedly flooding our roads who would have guessed that the year would end up looking pretty normal in the record books? But that’s just how we will end up.

In a typical year, we receive 46.54″ of rain. This year 45.65″ fell, giving us a deficit of less than one inch. That’s pretty remarkable to come that close to the bull’s eye over 365 days!

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That’s not to say there weren’t some precipitation extremes. On July 22, 3.27″ of rain fell. That’s more rain that we normally get in all of November, December or February. And, as you can imagine, July was our wettest month of the year, with 8.19″ of rain.

To make up for that excess of rain, Mother Nature turned off the tap in September. While we typically see 4.76″ of rain in September, this year less than an inch fell.

And while rainfall was near normal, snowfall certainly was not. Our snowfall drought continued in 2013. Just 1.8″ of snow fell. That’s well below our normal of 5.8″.

Stay tuned to see what’s in the cards for 2014!

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