Florida man gets slapped with 142 felony charges after posting selfies on Instagram

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Palm Beach, Fla. - A 19-year-old Florida man posted selfies of himself in Instagram and ended up in jail facing 142 felony charges.


A sheriff in Palm Beach spotted the images on Dupree Johnson's Instagram page according to the Huffington Post.

They say Johnson had a record that included grand theft, burglary, and felony possession of a firearm. The Sheriff decided to have a closer look at the images posted and authorities issued a search warrant for his home.

When they searched Johnson's house, the Huffington Post says deputies discovered a glock, a stolen Tech-9mm pistol as well as stolen jewelry, electronics and firearms according to the Miami New Times.

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  • J King

    I will be the first to say this dude is an IDIOT. On the flip side to think that the young man in TX killed FOUR people while DRINKING and
    DRIVING will not spend ONE day in jail. JUSTICE is so BLIND!

  • Wastrel

    I suppose this is merely very poor journalism. The “authorities” (actually, a judge issues a search warrant) cannot get a search warrant “to have a closer look at the images” you posted on the internet somewhere. At least I hope not, although there are many judges who will simply rubber-stamp an application for a warrant. What I suppose the writer means is that the sheriff saw some stolen property in the pictures that were posted; THAT would be probable cause for a warrant.

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