Navy releases two animated videos on dangers of spice, bath salts


The Navy released two anti-drug videos on YouTube this week – one targeting spice use, the other bath salts.

The animated videos warn of the bad things that the designer drugs can do to a Naval career. The videos are a bit of a departure from this disturbing video released almost a year ago on the dangers of bath salts.

Watch the two new clips and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • morgan

    All I learned from the spice video was not to hang out with people who will tell on you. Nothing about how dangerous spice is or its effects. If the video said something more like “smoking this can make you have seizures andit will make you feel like you’re having a heart attack,” or that spice KILLS people. THAT
    would make this effective.

  • Zombies Navy

    I was hoping to see some bath salt zombie action eating his comrade’s faces before he gets shot in the head, then his other friends start turning into zombies because they also took some bath salt and so begins the Zombies VS Navy story.

  • Brandon

    They should go to TakoSushi in Columbia, SC and film the kitchen manager there. No one will ever smoke spice again.

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