Skeletal remains found in Elizabeth City

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Elizabeth City, N.C. - On Monday, investigators found what they believe to be skeletal remains of a human being, as well as personal belongings, in a wooded area in Elizabeth City, police tell NewsChannel 3.

It happened on Monday, November 18 at 10:00 a.m. The Elizabeth City Police Department was dispatched to the wooded section between Robert Sawyers Garage and Knobs Creek Bridge, on US 17 North Road Street. Police say that's where the skeletal remains of a person were found by a Department of Transportation worker.

Officers and investigators found the skeletal remains about 100 feet off the roadway from North Road Street.

Along with the remains, police found personal items - including clothing, personal hygiene products, and medications. Identification linking the individual to Pennsylvania was also found, police say.

The body appears to have been deceased for several months, to the point of decay, which makes it unidentifiable until further testing can be conducted.

Investigators in Elizabeth City and Pennsylvania are conducting interviews and seeking information as to the identity of the remains.

An autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon. The Elizabeth City Police Department will provide no further comment on the discovered remains until an identity can be made.


    • Austin

      The deceased could have stolen the ID or if its foul play then the suspect could have left someone else’s ID on the body in the hopes they misidentify the body. You can’t ever assume that’s the victims ID. They did say Pa authorities are conducting interviews. Likely questioning folks who know or are related to the ID’s owner to see if they’re missing, what they were wearing etc. So they’re using the ID to move the investigation forward but they won’t determine the victims identity definitively till the autopsy/DNA or dental impressions give them positive ID. :)

      • j d

        It turns out to possibly be someone I went to school with. Friends of mine let me know that they were able to I D him by confirming comment of his back pack.

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