Jury recommends life sentence for Norfolk man found guilty of Va. Beach man’s murder

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Norfolk, Va. -  A man on trial for the murder of a Virginia Beach man, whose body was found in a burning Mac Tools truck in March, was found guilty of all charges.  A jury reached the verdict Tuesday morning.

Hassan Harvey was convicted of First-Degree Murder, Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Arson, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery and Grand Larceny, according to Amanda Howie with the Commonwealth Attorney's Office.

The jury recommended a sentence of two life terms plus 40 years.  It was the maximum sentence for all five convictions.

Harvey was on trial for the death of Austin S. King, who worked as a Mac Tools distributor.

His body was found inside his burning Mac Tools truck on the side of I-64 in York County in March 2013.   Police later determined he was killed in Norfolk.

The week-long trial began Tuesday, Nov. 12.  Numerous witnesses were called, including co-defendant Kasey Rubio.  She worked at Harvey's Norfolk auto shop, Top Dead Center, where King would come once a week to sell tools.

Rubio pleaded guilty to First-Degree Murder, Conspiracy to Commit Robbery, Conspiracy to Commit Arson and Grand Larceny on Nov. 1.

Court testimony revealed King died after being hit in the head with a hammer.  His body was then driven in his truck to York County where it was set on fire on the side of I-64.

Harvey's sentencing hearing is set for Jan. 24, 2014.  Rubio's sentencing is scheduled for Feb. 23, 2014.

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  • El Panameno

    I dont care if my email is published. This guy acted with her. They robbed me and someone else in Va Beach… of our money and cars. He had my case continued in Norfolk to fight the case in Va Beach. He is guilty as she is. No I was not there. However, they are both bad news. He shiuld nit be let off. Every case he has had. Somebody saved him. Not this time.

    I hope he learned his lesson. You cant steal and kill….. And get away with both. You stole from me, my money and almost my car. But you stole his lide away…. blame tour girlfriend in a feeble attempt to get away.

    I have a judgement against you… I will get my money back. One way or another.

    Have a great life because you stole from yourself what you took from us….. you customers and friends.

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