Chesapeake police investigate social media threats made against Hickory Middle School students

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Chesapeake, Va. - Chesapeake police are investigating after they say threats were made against Hickory Middle School students through social media.

Little detail is known at this time but one parent, Tasha Griffin, took action to get to the bottom of it.

Griffin says she called the school principal to find out why parents were never notified.

"He basically told me it was on a social media website that was between individuals and not between a big group of kids or directed towards the school," Griffin explained.

Chesapeake Public School officials tell NewsChannel 3 police are handling the investigation. Police say they're still trying to piece it all together.

Right now, police say a student at the school made the threats and they believe it happened on Facebook.

But, Griffin says the principal told her the threats were made through the smartphone app, KIK.

"There had been threats, typical middle school threats, 'I don't like you, I hate you' and then somebody else gets involved and, unfortunately, everything snowballed and then rumors start spreading," Griffin said.

Since it has become a bigger issue, Griffin says the school plans to hold a parents night next week to talk about internet safety.It's something she says her family practices on a daily basis.

"We have everything password blocked so we'll sign them on and set timers and stuff so that they don't get all consumed with it," said Griffin.

Griffin also says the school principal told her disciplinary action has been taken.


  • Jillian

    Um my name is Jillian champ I was 1 of the teens being threatened and it’s a whole lot more than your average teen bullying this person has serious issues and needs to be locked up

  • Kaitlin Wakefield

    Hi, my name is Katie Wakefield/Cooper.
    I was cyber bullied, as well as physically bullied, all 3 years I went to HMS.
    And the bullying continued into the high school.
    The eighth grade principle when I was there threatned to give ME ISS when I was the one getting bullied. I still have two years left at Hickory, so this is to be continued

  • Papa Bear

    As with a lot of news reports on this issue, this one lacks the complete story or the severity of the situation. When I read the quote, “There had been threats, typical middle school threats, ‘I don’t like you, I hate you’ and then somebody else gets involved and, unfortunately, everything snowballed and then rumors start spreading,” Griffin said.

    I was very appalled. This is not even remotely close. I am a parent of one of the victimized children on the list. If threats of stabbing, slicing with a knife, bombing 11 HMS students, titled their “kill list” is “typical middle school threats” – wow we are one messed up society.

    Nothing has been snowballed, this is the reality and we will as a family see this through the end. Yes there are rumors, but do not in any fashion minimize as normal such events without knowing the facts.

    • Becca Mitchell

      Thanks for the information. However, the school and police were being VERY tight-lipped about this so we have no way of finding out what the threats were unless parents of the actual victims step forward. Would you be willing to speak with us regarding the threats?

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