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McDonald’s to end Dollar Menu

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(CNN) – McDonald’s is tweaking its fabled Dollar Menu to try and rise out of its sales slump.

McDonald’s renamed the menu Dollar Menu & More. Some of the items will still cost a dollar, but other items will cost more.

It sent this tweet from its official account on Wednesday: “Dollar Menu fans, don’t worry…our new Dollar Menu & More will offer many options that are still $1 and some new choices too!”

The new menu will officially roll out on Nov. 4, according to a McDonald’s spokeswoman, who said it will include some new items, which she declined to identify.

McDonald’s could use a revenue boost. Last week, the fast food giant reported disappointing same-store sales, up less than 1% worldwide for the quarter compared to the prior year.

The company fared particularly badly outside of the U.S., with same-store sales dropping 1.4% in the Middle East, Africa and the Asia/Pacific region. Operating income plunged 12% in China, Japan and Australia because of an “ongoing challenging environment.”

In test markets like New York City, a similar menu called the Extra Value Menu & More is already available. A worker at a Manhattan restaurant featuring an Extra Value Menu & More said it’s been on offer since at least February, when he started working there.

At that restaurant, the following items are still available for $1: two slices of apple pie, two bags of apple slices, and a “cone” (presumably with ice cream in it, but the menu didn’t specify.)

Most of the other items cost a dollar and change, including the McDouble and McChicken, which each go for $1.69, and the four-piece McNugget, which costs $1.59.

The prices climb higher from there; the double cheeseburger costs $2.19 and the McFlurry is priced at $2.89. The most expensive item on the Extra Value Menu & More was the 20-piece McNugget for $4.99.


  • melissa

    Mcdonalds food is not good enough to pay more for it. It wasn’t long ago that a double cheeseburger was $1 and it has already increased here. If they want to increase prices they should increase quality. Their burgers are small and you don’t get hardly anything on them. The only reason we ever eat there is when we are low on money or just want something small to hold us over. We deff won’t be going there anymore with a priprice increase, their food isn’t worth it.

  • spkstrth

    I can stop eating there now – no Heinz on my dollar cheeseburger? Now no dollar cheeseburger? (Wendy’s has a good bacon-cheeseburger.) Bye, Ronald.

  • Mike

    Alot of people stop eating McDonald’s because they are more conscience about their health not the Prices …

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