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Family saved by good Samaritan raising money for fallen hero’s family

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Newport News, Va. - One family is taking action to give back to the family of a former sailor who gave his life to protect someone else in Newport News.

NewsChannel 3 has learned the father of the two women Richard Shomette shielded during a car accident Wednesday night is working with his co-workers to collect money for Shomette's family.

"He gave his life for somebody else," said Judy Dunn, Shomette's grandmother.  "Very proud."

Police said Shomette was walking along Bland Boulevard Wednesday night around 8 p.m. when he saw the two sisters in their car with their children. The vehicle had a flat tire, and Shomette stopped to help them when another driver ran into them.  Police said Shomette threw his body in front of the family to keep them from being hurt.

Dunn said police told her the driver who hit Shomette was distracted by her kids in her van and did not see Shomette and the family.  Authorities are still investigating the accident, and Newport News prosecutors will look at the evidence next week to decide if the driver who hit Shomette will face charges.

"I think this was just a horrible accident," said Dunn.  "I'm sure she didn't do this on purpose."


Former sailor killed while trying to save stranded family from oncoming car