Man killed in traffic accident in Newport News

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Newport News, Va – Newport News police are investigating a traffic accident that happened around 6:30am Sunday that killed the driver.

The accident happened near the intersection of Jefferson Avenue and J.Clyde Morris Boulevard.

Police say the car was going southbound on Jefferson Avenue.  Approximately 200 feet south of the intersection the car hit the median. It then crossed all northbound lanes, entered the rear driveway of the Walgreens Store, struck the steel guard rail that separates Walgreens from the Tire City Store and then crashed directly into the steel and concrete poles in the center of the Tire City parking lot.

The crash impact caused the vehicle to roll over onto it’s left side and come to rest next to the barricades trapping the driver inside.

Police say the victim, a man, was pronounced deceased at the scene.

The victim was transported to the medical examiner’s office to determine the exact cause of death.