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More of your storm photos

Posted on: 5:20 pm, June 13, 2013, by , updated on: 09:05pm, June 13, 2013

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  • Chesapeake

  • Chesapeake

  • Unnamed

  • taken near Mt. Trashmore

  • Moyock NC

  • Unnamed

  • Unnamed

  • Unnamed

  • Unnamed

  • Unnamed

  • this was taken after the storm - near Mt. Trashmore

  • Rainbow on the left/sunset on the right

  • The leading edge of the storm coming in over the western sound around 8 pm. Amy Dough

  • After the storms rolled out we were left with a beautiful orange sunset. I couldn't help but capture its beauty!!!

  • Heavy square trampoline flipped upside down and set back down on the opposite side of the yard. 20-30 minute storm did what 2 Nor'Easters and a few hurricanes haven't been able to do in the past 6 years.

  • A double rainbow over Hardees in Gloucester point

  • The calm before the storm.

  • Right after it finished raining, the sky turned into beautiful colors!

  • Taken at Thole St and Tidewater Dr.

  • Looking from 64WB near Chesapeake Exit.

  • gloucester courthouse area

  • Unnamed

  • If it had been two seconds later I would have been hit by this tree!

  • Power outage had something to do with Limb on wires.. Yorktown

  • Unnamed

  • Beautiful double rainbow after the storms moved through Franklin at approx 8:15pm. Taken by A. Holland

  • Large tree down, and siding ripped off the side of my house.

  • Storm blowing in over Tide Mill in Yorktown 6/13/13 a little after 5pm

  • Storm blowing in over Tide Mill in Yorktown 6/13/13 a little after 5pm

  • Unnamed

  • This is taken in Chesapeake in the 23321 area.

  • Unnamed

  • Shingles on a townhouse coming off because of the wind in Newport News.

  • Storm clouds I-64

  • Clouds on I-64

  • Clouds on I-64

  • Clouds on J Clyde Morris

  • Large tree down near Virginia Tech

  • Storm Clouds near Busch Gardens

  • Storm clouds rolling into Hampton Roads

  • Severe weather moving through Suffolk

  • Cloud over Oceanfront

  • Clouds moving into Virginia Beach

  • Storm in Carrollton

  • Rain bands moving through Willoughby Bay

  • Ridgefield Ct. In Norfolk

  • Storm clouds

  • Storm clouds moving near Oceanfront

  • Storms in Hampton Roads

  • Trees down on Jefferson along Newport News Park

  • Wall of Clouds

  • Colington Harbor NC

  • Clouds in Croatan

  • Portsmouth

  • Storm in Gates County

  • In Sylvan Lake by First Colonial High in VB

  • Near First Colonial High in VA Beach

  • On the water as storm clouds move through Hampton Roads

  • Over ODU Virginia Beach building

  • Playground at Fort Bragg

  • Sunlight after the storms in NC

  • Sunshine peeks through as storms move out of Hampton Roads