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For adventure racers who shelled out $100 or more to challenge extreme obstacles at Tough Mudder, the disappointment was double.

Organizers canceled the two-day weekend event after they said heavy rains made the course too muddy and unsafe. Then organizers offered what some runners said were too few make-good options: A free transfer to another event this year, even though the closest was six hours away. No refunds.

But today, Tough Mudder organizers floated more choices to the thousands of shut-out runners. Still no refunds, but a lot more events to choose.

Active-duty military members who are deploying can either transfer to another event, or get a refund. That's the only exception to the no-refund rule. All others can transfer to an event this year, or next year.

If you want to wait until next year, Tough Mudder has events slated for Charlotte, N.C., the Mid-Atlantic, and Virginia Beach. They haven't posted exact locations or any specifics, and they say they do not guarantee there will be events at these locations.

Even so, most of the shut-out runners posting on Facebook and to NewsChannel 3 said a transfer to next year would make them happy.

Tough Mudder organizers said they are working on still more options for those rained out of the Berkley Plantation course, but they haven't nailed down the details.

Also, event executives say rumors that the Berkley Plantation course is staying in place for a postponed Tough Mudder event are not true.


Participants angry after Tough Mudder challenge canceled

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