Disney responds after backlash from new princess look

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After a surge of angry backlash from fans, Disney has replaced a new version of Princess Merida introduced earlier this month, with her original likeness.

Disney introduced the new look for Brave’s Merida as she prepared to be inducted as the newest Disney Princess.

The animated redhead received a makeover, giving her wider eyes, a thinner physique, and frizz-free hair.

But people were so upset with the change that Disney responded, saying the new artwork was just a “one-time stylized version” created for the official invitation to her coronation that was sent out to the media.

However, since their response, and seemingly due to the continued social media backlash, Disney has replaced all artwork of Merida on their websites with her original form.

Disney has said that Merida’s new look may continue to be seen on merchandise through the summer and fall after being supplied to Target, but the change isn’t permanent.