Only on 3: 73-year-old accused of trying to grab child says it’s all a lie

James City County, Va. - On Wednesday, police say Barry Hale tried to grab a three-year-old and tried to drag him across the street.

Hale spoke exclusively with NewsChannel 3 about the allegations.

On Foley Drive, neighbors say they heard Hale yelling at two children as they played across the street.

“I'm going to ask him what I'd ask his mother. Who witnessed this? See it's a big lie right here. It says here I grabbed the kid and dragged him across the street. I didn't do that,” says Hale.

Hale says he was trying to safely guide the boy back to his grandmother's house.

“He was crying and he didn't want to stay there. So I put him over in the yard and then I told the little girl we'll go over to that house,” says Hale.

For a few minutes, the 73-year-old remembered everything and was willing to share his story, but then he trailed off it seems his memory faded.

“This is all a lies, I'll win this case today,” says Hale.

Hale got into a cab after police say he grabbed the child.

He was later arrested and charged with abduction of a child, assault and battery, and trespassing.


Man charged with abduction of 3-year-old in James City County

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