April Weather Recap

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The saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”… but what if those April showers are lacking? As we head into May, let’s take a look back at the local weather numbers from April.


Temperature – Warmest: 89°, Coldest: 40°, vs Norm: +1.7

Rainfall – Total: 3.21″, vs Norm: -0.20″, 9 days with measurable rain

Elizabeth City

Temperature – Warmest: 87°, Coldest: 38°, vs Norm: +0.7

Rainfall – Total: 2.67″, vs Norm: -0.47″, 11 days with measurable rain

Wallops Island

Temperature – Warmest: 88°, Coldest: 28°, vs Norm: +2.2

Rainfall – Total: 3.77″, vs Norm: +0.70″, 7 days with measurable rain

Cape Hatteras

Temperature – Warmest: 77°, Coldest: 40°, vs Norm: -0.3

Rainfall – Total: 3.87″, vs Norm: +0.23″, 10 days with measurable rain

As far as those April showers go, we were near average numbers. Norfolk and Elizabeth City were a bit dry. Wallops Island and Hatteras were a bit soggy. With the exception of Hatteras, temperatures were just above averages.

Now we will have to wait and see of “near average” April showers will indeed bring “near average” May flowers.

-Meteorologist Myles Henderson