More photo submissions from our NewsChannel 3 app

Posted on: 3:36 pm, April 14, 2013, by , updated on: 10:46am, April 23, 2013

Here are some more photo submissions from our contest:

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  • by Oscar Williams

  • by Katherine Itani

  • by Kim Bowman

  • by Debra Murphy Darr

  • by Michael Leydet

  • by Astrid Grow

  • by Mike

  • by Kimberly Mccullough

  • by Elizabeth Grainger

  • by Brian Cox

  • by Deborah Eaton

  • by Victoria Chancery

  • by Tasha

  • by Lindsey Fennell

  • by Tammy J. Subotich

  • by Karen

  • By Roz

  • by Megan Amato

  • by JD

  • by Toya Mcherrin

  • by Sara Walden

  • by Edward

  • by Ric Ander

  • by David Schmidt

  • by Dulce Steele

  • by Melanie Manning

  • by Nancy Hinson

  • by Lee Storey

  • by Nancy

  • by Meg

  • by Jody Blankenship

  • by Fredi Branch

  • by Sandra Wehner

  • by Linda Higgins

  • by Lynn Geise

  • by George and Donna

  • by Carla Cudiamat

  • by Kevin

  • by Jesse Baldwin

  • Unnamed

  • by Brenda

  • by Rodney Williams

  • by Peggy

  • by Dory Robinson

  • by Arrealle Eason

  • by Pamela Nichols

  • by Billie Tanner

  • by Sharon Mott

  • by Russell Morrow

  • by Jeni Dailey

  • by Noah Ploeger

  • by Braeden Miller

  • by Robert Zamaro

  • by Katherine Kearney

  • by Carmen & Marc

  • by Joyce A Jones

  • by Celia Crow

  • by Colleen Davis

  • by Kim Karle

  • by Amy Coburn

  • by Patrick Villanueva

  • by Christy

  • by Teresa Bristol

  • My best friend, Fran, shaved her head to raise cancer awareness. This is a photo of her and her son, Matthew, who is fighting leukemia. This was taken right after she shaved her head. - Greta Gemmel

  • by Demeatrice Reed

  • by Tony Spunzo

  • by Ashley Magee

  • by Michael Gizara

  • by Nancy Eure

  • by David Baquero

  • by Kimberly Bryant

  • by Erin

  • My brand new grandson at hospital Sentara. His name is Antonio

  • by Diana Healy

  • by Sherry Wilson

  • by Don Sippel

  • by Jennifer Pierce

  • Pasquotank River sunrise - Elizabeth City. (Hank)

  • by Jerilyn Horne

  • by David Savige

  • by Suzanne

  • by Waylon Hutchings

  • by Perry Davis

  • by Amber Smith

  • by Ann Jacobson

  • by Ashley

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1.Download the NewsChannel 3 mobile app from Apple iTunes store or Google Play market.
2.Open the app on your phone.
3.Press the star in the upper right corner, then press Submit a Photo or Video. (Limit one entry per viewer. Due to size limitations only a sample of the hundreds of entries we’ve received will appear in the gallery below, however all submissions will be entered in the drawing.)
4.Take a pretty picture or submit an original photo and send it to us via the app by April 30th.
5.We’ll randomly choose one person from the submissions as our winner.