Complete coverage: Four pilots recovered after Navy jet crash off North Carolina coast

Caught on camera: Myles Henderson’s “Big Pork Challenge”

Norfolk, Va. - "I still don't understand why they got the skinniest guy at the station to come do this."

Those are the words of Meteorologist Myles Henderson, before he got the chance to eat his heart out at a local ballpark.

Who needs Adam Richman when we have Myles Henderson?

It's the Salute to Pork Challenge at Harbor Park. The rules are simple - just eat five pounds of pork in one hour. If you do it, your picture goes up on the wall of fame. If not - it goes on the wall of shame. Where did Myles' picture end up?

The menu consists of four pulled pork BBQ sliders, four Cajun-smoked sausages, 12 pork wings (the equivalent of a full rack of baby back ribs), a large portion of bacon, and chili cheese tots!

If you are successful, the meal is free - and you will receive four tickets to a future Tides game.

Did he do it? Watch the video to find out!


Myles Henderson

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