Update: Pit bull shot by officer after biting kids in Newport News

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Update: NewsChannel 3 has learned that Animal Services will not charge the owner. The owner has decided to have the dog put down. A rabies test will also be conducted. 

Newport News, Va. – A pit bull was shot after biting two kids and charging at an officer in Newport News on Wednesday evening.

The officer went up to the dog and police say the pit bull then went for the officer. That’s when the officer retreated and fired at the dog.

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The dog left the area and was later found alive in a dog house on Roanoke Avenue. The dog’s owner took the animal to a veterinarian for treatment. There’s no word yet on the dog’s condition.

The dog reportedly nipped a 7-year-old girl in the abdomen and a 5-year-old received a minor bite in his hip area near 28th Street. A third victim fell and had minor injuries. No one was taken to the hospital.

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