Complete coverage: Four pilots recovered after Navy jet crash off North Carolina coast

People Taking Action: Navy retiree recognized for giving to little girl who saved family in fire

NewsChannel 3 and our community partner Southern Bank are shining our spotlight on a Navy retiree who saw a story on our news about a 10-year-old who helped get her family out of their burning home.

The generous viewer wanted to reward her with $500 dollars, but he wanted to remain anonymous.

When asked why he did it, he responded, “Something in her face said she deserved a break.”

During our interview, we learned that he is facing his own battle. He says over the past nine years, he's battled cancer twice in his lungs and once in his colon. He's now waiting for test results to see if it has returned again in his lungs.

So with 500 dollars from that viewer plus another 500 from NewsChannel 3, we took Maya, her two sisters and her grandmother shopping!

Here's the Good News: Brave little girl who saved family from fire goes shopping


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