Taking action for Suffolk woman whose washing machine was stolen

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Suffolk, Va. - A Suffolk woman was targeted by a thief - someone stole her washing machine.

But NewsChannel 3's Reed Andrews is taking action.

"A washing machine is so heavy you'd think no one would steal it, especially from a 74-year-old widow."

But that's exactly what happened to Catherine Goodman of Suffolk.

"If I would have been home, and caught somebody doing it, it wouldn't have been pleasant."

Catherine Goodman feels like a part of her independence was stripped from her. She's left dependent on others to take her to the laundromat.

"It's really inconvenient because I can't move around like I used to, you know."

NewsChannel 3 takes action for Mrs. Goodman - teaming up with a local company to make her life a little easier.

"Praise the Lord!"

NewsChannel 3 takes action and gets Mrs. Goodman a new washer. That's tonight at 11 after an all new Blue Bloods.