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Cold weather in Hampton Roads not enough to kill mosquitoes

Despite the cooler temperatures we've been seeing, it's just not been cold enough to kill mosquitoes.

People are already seeing the pests and we're nowhere near the end of winter.

And experts say our roller coaster temperatures are to blame.

The weather may be cold enough for some of us to wear hats and coats today, but experts say the temperatures haven't been cold enough this season for mosquitoes to go away for good.

Dreda Symonds is a mosquito control biologist for the city of Virginia Beach.

She says if you've seen a few mosquitoes around the area recently, Mother Nature is to blame.

The weather here in Hampton roads lately has been all over the place. One day, you`ll have your sleeves rolled up, the next day, you`re all zipped up. But even the cold weather hasn`t gotten rid of all of the mosquitoes around here.

Experts say there are 25 common species of mosquitoes that live and breed in Hampton Roads, almost half of mosquito species seen in the entire state.

Until then, if the weather keeps going up and down, you might see a mosquito where you live.

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