Student Athletes of the Week: Feyonda Fitzgerald and Jordan Mitchell- Harmell

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It was the most anticipated game of the season. Undefeated Maury Lady Commodores faced off against the undefeated Lake Taylor Lady Titans.

The Lady Titans have been on a five-year winning streak. To put it in perspective, the last time Lake Taylor lost, George Bush was president and gas neared $4 a gallon!

Leading the defending Titans in their charge to first place are NewsChannel 3’s student athletes of the week Feyonda Fitzgerald and Jordan Mitchell- Harmell.

These two lead the team both on and off the court, giving guidance to younger players on the court and leading by example off the court. Feyonda maintains a 3.4 GPA and Jordan a 3.2

They had a tight victory over Maury 61 to 59. What does that mean for the Titans?

The Titans charge into first place!