Robert Wagner declared murder suspect … but only on TV

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Robert Wagner (TMZ)

LOS ANGELES – File this under bad timing: Actor Robert Wagner – currently a person of interest but still not yet a suspect in the Natalie Wood death probe — will play a murder suspect on “NCIS” Friday night.

In the episode, the 81-year-old Wagner, who plays Michael Weatherly’s father on the show, is arrested after police find him in a car with a dead body in the trunk, according to TMZ.

It’s pretty ironic, considering the real-life Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department just reopened a 30-year-old homicide investigation into the death of Wagner’s former wife Natalie Wood.

Wagner’s not officially a suspect, but there appears to be no denying, according to TMZ, that investigators are looking into the possibility that Wagner was responsible for Wood’s death.

Wonder what the Judge-Mentalist will have to say about this?