4-year-old Newport News girl saves mother’s life

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At only 4-years-old, little Jailah Driver is already taking action to save lives. 

“Sometimes I`m still blown away. Just to know that, of course, she saved my life. I`m thankful that she was there,” says Laquan Driver, Jailah’s mother.

Jailah was a little shy in front of cameras, but back in September, she wasn't shy at all when she picked up the phone and dialed 911 as her mom was having a seizure.

Hear the full call here: 

Jailah's mom has had seizures. That is why they taught her to dial 911 and she knew just what to do this time when no one else was home.

That's when she took action.

Dispatcher Sarah Sledge engaged 4-year-old Jailah right when emergency crews got to the front door, but she couldn't open it.

Luckily, crews were able to get in to treat her mom.

“She listened to direction very well, which obviously she learned from her parents, and I`m thankful for her parents,” says Sledge.

Her parents are thankful, too, that she listened and knew what to do.