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Juliet Bickford has the breakdown for each city - which candidate won in Hampton Roads?

President Barack Obama narrowly won the 13 electoral votes in the Commonwealth of Virginia to help him win the presidential race.  He claimed victory over Governor Mitt Romney by just 2.2% of the vote.  It was an even smaller margin than in 2008 -- when President Obama won Virginia by a 6.3% margin.  And in Hampton Roads, many of the cities voted similarly to 2008.  Barack Obama took a large majority of votes in Hampton, Norfolk, and Portsmouth.  But, Mitt Romney won in Chesapeake, Virginia Beach, and York County.

Here is the breakdown from the State Board of Elections:

Mitt Romney: 49.69%
Barack Obama: 48.87%

Mitt Romney: 28.02%
Barack Obama: 70.65%

Isle of Wight:
Mitt Romney: 56.70%
Barack Obama: 42.08%

James City County:
Mitt Romney: 55.41%
Barack Obama: 43.33%

Newport News:
Mitt Romney: 34.77%
Barack Obama: 63.90%

Mitt Romney: 27.93%
Barack Obama: 70.61%

Mitt Romney: 74.76%
Barack Obama:  23.64%

Mitt Romney: 29.09%
Barack Obama: 69.65%

Mitt Romney: 43.52%
Barack Obama: 55.31%

Virginia Beach:
Mitt Romney: 50.71%
Barack Obama: 47.93%

Mitt Romney: 34.59%
Barack Obama: 63.30%

York County:
Mitt Romney: 59.51%
Barack Obama: 38.82%

2012 Election Results

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