Where are my pictures? Guide to Android cloud storage

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Google+ instant uploads

The almighty cloud — You’ve most likely heard of it, maybe even used it without even knowing it.  But it’s one of the best ways to back up your files; especially those precious pictures you take.

The great thing about Android is Google gives you the chance to make sure you always have your pictures, no matter what happens to your phone, via Google+.  Now before you say, ‘oh I have Facebook and Twitter and I don’t need another social network’, you don’t have to use Google+ as a social network.  The Google+ app, has the option of instant photo/video upload. 

Google+ instant uploads


That means, once you take a picture, it’s automatically uploaded to a private album.  That way if you lose your phone, or it breaks and you can’t get to your files inside, you already have them.  You can just hit up your computer, log into Google+, and all your pictures will be right there.  Pretty simple eh? 

Now there are other apps out there that will do the same thing, but I like to keep things simple and use Google services to the maximum potential.  But, if you want other options, check out DropBox.  It has a similar feature of instant uploads.

Dropbox instant uploads

Another great feature of cloud storage, you won’t be filling up the storage on your phone as much.  Or at least if you need to make room, you don’t have to worry about deleting pictures since they’re already saved elsewhere.

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