Avoid an Electronic Trail

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Hidden Gun Mentalist

Patrick Jane finds where the killer hid the gun during the bank robbery.

Hidden Gun Mentalist

A note to guys: women will find what you’re trying to hide. This week on “The Mentalist” a woman killed her fiancé because he was getting in shape, losing weight, and she thought he was starting to stray. The episode started with Patrick Jane taking his shoes to get resoled.

Dad: What is he supposed to be, some sort of tight wad?

Me: Who, Jane?

Dad: Yeah. I mean who really gets their shoes resoled. Then, instead of buying another pair he gets a loaner pair. He’s cheap.

Me: You’re not even that cheap.

While Jane is waiting on his shoes, the bank nearby is getting robbed. My first Spidey-sense went off when the assistant bank manager jumped up to let the robber in the vault. The manager is killed and you’re supposed to think the robber pulled the trigger, but it’s never that simple. We find out the bank manager and the victim’s fiancée, who also works at the bank, were in the bathroom at the time of the robbery. While inspecting the crime scene, Jane notices the door to the safe deposit boxes is open. There’s your first clue that something is just not right.

Dad: What is going on with the red-head?

Me: Van Pelt?

Dad: She’s barely in any of the episodes. Are they trying to kick her off the show?

Me: Hang on, let me look it up… … … The actress is pregnant.

Dad: Oh, that makes sense. She looked like she was gaining weight.

Me: Dad!

Once again the FBI is fighting with the CBI over who gets the case. The boss splits it down the middle, which leads to some flirting between Teresa Lisbon and the FBI agent. It’s not hard to guess something is going to happen between them, but I’m not sure if it will be a relationship. The agents figure out the robbery is connected to a string of others. They also notice there’s only one guy who is at all the robberies. The problem is, the only way they can connect him to the crime is video showing he visited each the banks that were robbed.

Dad: That was smart, using a different set of guys to help out in each robbery.

Me: Plus, he had them get out of town as soon as the robbery was over.

During a wake at the bank manager’s house, Jane goes snooping around and leaves Lisbon with the victim’s grandmother. He finds a one way ticket to Brazil in the dresser, but where’s the one for the fiancée? After playing a game in front of the safe deposit boxes with the bank employees, the fiancée reveals that she’s the killer. She was tracking the victim’s emails because she suspected him of cheating. That’s how she found out he was in on the robbery. So, she used that opportunity to kill him and hide the gun in a safe deposit box. The only mistake she made was leaving the safe deposit door open; that’s how Jane figured it out.

In a funny twist, the fiancée’s snooping is what ends up busting the bank robber. Because she had the emails, the FBI could prove he was behind the robbery. I guess you should never leave a paper trail OR an electronic one.

The episode ends with Lisbon being invited to a special poker game by the FBI agents. Turns out it is a law enforcement only thing and many high profile people are there, including her boss.

Dad: Could you imagine playing poker with your boss?

Me: No, but I think something is going to come out of that little group. I still don’t think something is not right with that FBI agent.

Dad: I bet they won’t be inviting Jane to that game. He’d clean them out. Oh, and barely any mention of Red John this week. I liked this episode.

What did you think? Did you know the fiancée was behind the murder?