Air Force continuing disciplinary action against pilot who refused to fly F-22

F-22 Raptor

According to Wired magazine’s Danger Room blog the Air Force is continuing disciplinary action against one of the Air Force pilots who has refused to fly the F-22 Raptor despite his being given whistleblower protection.

Capt. Josh Wilson and Maj. Jeremy Gordon have been granted whistleblower protection under federal law. The pair’s lawyer, Frederick Morgan, says the Air Force sent Wilson a letter of reprimand that the first step in a potentially career-ending disciplinary process.

The Air Force acknowledges the protected status. “Air Force leadership has made clear that the we are treating the pilots as whistleblowers,” service spokesman John Dorrian tells Danger Room.

But Wilson’s disciplinary action continues all the same, Morgan tells Danger Room. “They didn’t rescind the letter.” Fearing for his career, Wilson has offered to resume flying. “He’s eager not to be disciplined,” Morgan says. Read the full Danger Room story here.

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