Ken Cuccinelli has heated interview with Bill O’Reilly

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Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli defended himself along with the city of Norfolk in a heated interview with Bill O'Reilly Wednesday night. 

This episode of the "No Spin Zone" was sparked after police say two reporters from the Virginian-Pilot were attacked by a group of about five black men on April 14th.  All week, O'Reilly has blasted Norfolk police, local media and the Attorney General for covering up what he says was a racially motivated mob fight. It's a statement that Norfolk Police tell NewsChannel 3 is simply not true. 

"No time in our investigation, or in statements, did it appear that this assault was racially motivated."

Cuccinelli spoke with us after his interview. 

"Sort of organized combat. I at least appreciated the chance to point out the error they made and the defamation leveled at me," says Cuccinelli.

He says O'Reilly threw him under the bus before even knowing the facts and the laws of our state.

"Monday, O`Reilly as part of his report, said 'the Attorney General doesn`t care about this. That he refuses to intervene in the case and will not make the Norfolk police department provide the 911 tapes.'  Well I have no legal authority to intervene in the case and I wouldn`t until I thought there was a problem even if I did have the authority, but I`m going to obey the law."

Cuccinelli says if there was a serious problem the way this case was handled, he says the facts will be brought to light.

Cuccinelli also says that even if this was racially motivated, Norfolk is still a safe place to live.