Super Moon Saturday: Will the weather cooperate?

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A “Super Moon” is on the way Saturday night!   At 11:34 PM the full moon will be 27,000 miles closer to earth than normal, making it appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than other full Moons of 2012.  It should be a beautiful sight if the weather cooperates.  But that’s a big if.

A cold front will be crossing the region through the day on Saturday, bringing us showers and storms.  The question is, will the rain and clouds be out of here by 11:34 PM?  The forecast models are giving us mixed messages.  The BAMS model below hints at some lingering showers.

The GFS forecast model below suggests that the rain may have ended by 11:30 PM on Saturday.  However, it shows quite a few lingering clouds that may obscure our view.

Bottom line: The wet weather may be over by the Super Moon, but we’ll probably have some lingering clouds obscuring your view.  Stay tuned.

Patrick Rockey
NewsChannel 3 Chief Meteorologist

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