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The quality and price of vinyl flooring depends on these four important factors which you should consider before purchasing vinyl:

– Surface Appearance
– Ease of Maintenance
– Resistance to Tears, Indentations, Scuffs and Scratches
– Underfoot Comfort
– High traffic areas need more durable vinyl.

Labor is a significant cost of a vinyl installation so buying cheaper materials but having to have it reinstalled often does not save you money in the long run.

Vinyl comes in 6’, 12’, 13’2” widths.

The backing layer can be made of either felt or fiberglass with a cushion backing. How sheet vinyl flooring can be installed is determined by the backing.

Felt: Felt bottom layer that is adhered to the subfloor. It is the most common of sheet vinyl floors today.
Fiberglass: A structural layer of fiberglass with vinyl above and below adds more dimensionally stability. A vinyl cushion backing provides added underfoot comfort. This floor lays flat and can be installed without glue.