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This is a listing of the WTKR News 3 and WGNT CW 27 Sales Staff, ready to serve your needs. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time by phone or email. If you would like to email one of our staff members, simply click on their e-mail address.

Director of Sales: Cindi Dove 757-446-1312, cindi.dove@wtkr.com

Local Sales Manager: John Witte 757-446-1324, john.witte@wtkr.com

Local Sales Manager: John Daman  757-446-1320, john.daman@wtkr.com

Local Sales Manager: Kathy Rice 757-227-6443, Kathy.rice@wtkr.com

National Account Manager:  Kristin Mascitti 757-446-1313, kristin.mascitti@wtkr.com

Marketing & Research Director: Kristie Flynn 757-446-1348, kristie.flynn@wtkr.com

Traffic Manager: Vann Wiggins  757-446-1308, vann.wiggins@wtkr.com


Regional Account Executive: Chris Whitley 757-227-6440, chris.whitley@wgnttv.com

Account Executives:

Ilona Zaganczyk 757-446-1318, ilona.zaganczyk@wtkr.com
Ambler Hatchett 757-227-6441, ambler.hatchett@wgnttv.com
Wayne Ziegler 757-227-6446, wayne.ziegler@wgnttv.com
Keelan Walkup  757-446-1317, keelan.walkup@wtkr.com
Cindee Herrle 757-227-6444, cindee.herrle@wtkr.com
Lynn Kelly 757-446-1315 lynn.kelly@wtkr.com
Matt Weber 757-227-6422, matthew.weber@wtkr.com
Maureen Bussey 757-446-1322, Maureen.bussey@wtkr.com
Diane Morris 757-227-6442, diane.morris@wtkr.com
Melissa Harris 757-446-1319, Melissa.harris@wtkr.com
Steve Goldsborough 757-446-1311, steve.goldsborough@wtkr.com


Sales Assistant: Donna Simmers 757-446-1310, donna.simmers@wtkr.com

Sales Assistant: Amy Sauerbrei-Kelly 757-446-1309, amy.kelly@wtkr.com

Sales Assistant: Gina Swanson 757-446-1304, gina.swanson@wtkr.com

Digital Coordinator: Lakeisha Goodman 757-227-6447, lakeisha.goodman@wtkr.com

National Sales Fax: 757-622-0539
Local Sales Fax: 757-446-1385
Traffic Department: 757-623-5850

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