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  • Covering up a Sexual Assault

    I think time capsules are cool. Part of me wishes I would have done one when I was a child. I guess I get a chance to go through one every time I decide to clean out the boxes under my bed. Still, I’ve never found a head in mine. Only on “Criminal Minds” would that happen. But can we talk about how nasty it was that the killer stored his heads in the freezer with all the meat? That’s […]

  • Distracted by the Future

    Me: I’m so excited to see what’s going to happen with Ziva and Tony overseas! Dad: That’s the next episode. How about we focus on this one? Me: Do I have to? I wanted to know what she was up to, so I didn’t really care about the case. Dad: Me either. I had trouble focusing on “NCIS” this week. Not because the episode was bad, but because I cared too much about Ziva and her mission to find her […]

  • Making Sure You’re not a Victim

    I was blown away by Morgan on this episode of “Criminal Minds,” and it wasn’t just because of the jacket he was wearing. Seriously, was that black puffy monstrosity a distraction to anyone else? Once again, he was forced to come face to face with his abuser to try to solve a murder. A little back story here on Morgan. Early in “Criminal Minds,” we learned Morgan was sexually abused by the man running the youth center where he hung […]

  • I don’t trust Online Dating

    It worries me the boss wants them to take a break from chasing the Replicator on “Criminal Minds.” That doesn’t seem like a safe move at all. I know the writers have promised a season-ending wrap-up on this story arc, but I’m getting so antsy! The most important development tonight, Garcia has a new man! That girl needs some loving after the date who tried to kill her, and her bad break-up with Kevin. It was nice seeing him act […]

  • Sitting through a Hurricane on a Ship

    I always want to go out and field produce during a hurricane. But if my crew is on an aircraft carrier during the storm, count me out.  That seems like too much for me to handle. Dad: You’re a wimp. Me: Like you’d be able to sit through it without being sick. Dad: I never said that. There were a lot of stereotypes in this “NCIS” episode. You had the tough, show-no-love Navy career father, and the bimbo weather girl […]

  • Give an Extra Hug

    Me: As soon as I saw Rizzo from “Vegas” pop up in tonight’s “NCIS,” I knew he was the killer. Dad: When did you notice him? Me: They were doing the satellite chat and he was sitting in the background. Dad: I didn’t even notice that guy. He gets killed all the time. Regardless of the killer or plot, the real star of the episode was the dog. The scene where Dex’s owner gets shot and he lies down beside […]

  • Assumptions Ruin Lives

    If you thought catching The Replicator would be that easy then you haven’t been paying attention to “Criminal Minds.” Of course the supposed suspect was a pawn of the real Replicator. But in an interesting twist, it wasn’t really psycho Diane on the phone taunting Reid a couple episodes ago. Remember the episode where Reid’s girlfriend was killed, like you could forget it, someone called him at the beginning and said, “Zugzwang,” into the phone. It’s a chess term when […]

  • Using the Good Book to Justify the Bad

    I am so distracted about the next episode I’m having trouble categorizing my thoughts on this episode of “Criminal Minds.” It’s time for the Replicator to be discussed! At the end of the episode we got another brief glimpse at his collect of murders and photos. I am curious if the video from Blake’s class was meant to make us think he is targeting her. Speaking of Blake, I was glad we got to see more of her skills in […]

  • McGee and Abby together forever

    I am scared of showers. There, I admitted it. I think it has something to do with watching “Psycho” at a young age and seeing the vulnerability of it all. It’s just scary if you really think about it. Dad: Chicken. Me: I’m not a chicken. I still obviously take them. Don’t you get scared? Dad: Nah, your mom will protect me. Watching DiNozzo mess with Dorneget this week was awesome. It reminded me of McGee’s probie (newbie) days where he’d […]

  • Who Owns a Safe Deposit Box?

    Me: I think Gibbs is building a Unabomber cabin. Dad: What do you mean? Me: All season he’s been building something and this time it includes a stove? It’s got to be a cabin. Dad: I remember your Uncle Russ and me carrying one of those stoves from Jersey to Maine. It weighed 600 pounds. It was interesting seeing Vance as part of the team this week. I guess people deal with grief in their own ways. I definitely liked […]

  • Don’t Trust Your Big Sister

    Anytime JJ is in danger I’m always a bit more on the edge of my seat. Not because I don’t think she can handle herself (last season’s finale for example), but because she has Henry back home. That kid is just so darn cute! What’s not cute was the family of horrors we were watching this week. What intrigues me about “Criminal Minds” so much is how each one of these cases could be happening. It’s not a far-fetched crime. […]

  • Stealing the Italians’ Girls

    Jack is not the brightest sheriff’s deputy I’ve ever seen. I get that he was a ranch hand who became a deputy only because of his brother, but he’s bumbling all over the place. First, he left the rope he was tied up with and the cattle prod Rizzo used on him at the home.  REALLY?! I know on “Vegas” they don’t have to worry about DNA yet but that just let everyone know there was someone else in the […]

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