Alizé joined the News Channel 3 team in August of 2011 as a general assignment reporter.

Alizé – who was named after the tradewinds that blow across the Caribbean – traded in the beaches and barbecue of Eastern North Carolina for, well, more beaches in Virginia Beach.

Alizé is originally from Paris, France, but started her broadcasting career in a place that is not known for their beaches – or their French speaking – Montana. She made her way down the jet stream to New Bern, North Carolina, where she reported by week, anchored by weekend for WCTI NewsChannel 12.

When she was not reporting in hurricanes and tornadoes, Alizé was able to experience the many paradises of Eastern North Carolina, including her favorite town by the sea, Oriental.

Some of the most memorable stories she covered during her time there include jumping into the heart of a rip current, skydiving through the skies, and learning to kite board in the Outer Banks.

When she’s not busy hunting down an interview, Alizé can be found exploring everything the 757 has to offer with her wonderful dog, Ava. She enjoys roller blading along the Virginia Beach boardwalk, surfing in Sandbridge, and kite boarding in the shallows of the Outer Banks.

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