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Third year, Broadcast Journalism Major at Hampton University. Intern at WTKR/WGNT News Channel 3.

Recent Articles
  • University of North Dakota changes controversial mascot name

    University of North Dakota changes name from 'Fighting Sioux' to 'Fighting Hawks' amidst controversy.

  • Norfolk ends veteran homelessness

    Norfolk, Va.- It is estimated that on any given night, almost 50,000 veterans are homeless. The city of Norfolk has decided to take action and create solutions for this massive problem. Norfolk Mayor Paul Fraim made history in September 2014 by being the first mayor in Virginia to sign the National Mayors Challenge to End Veteran Homelessness. The challenge was announced by First Lady Michelle Obama and aims to end veteran homelessness in cities by 2015. On November 11, 2015, the […]

  • Penguins make a break for it at the zoo

    Denmark- What’s black and white and gone in a flash? Penguins on the loose. A viral video taken by a Zookeeper in Denmark shows a flock of five penguins attempting a daring escape from their enclosure. The flightless birds seize an open opportunity to flee their captivity, but they don’t make it very far. In cartoonish manner, the squad of escapees encounter a dead end and are forced to waddle back to safety. The hilarious video seems like a scene straight […]

  • ‘Peeping Tom’ caught near Hampton University

    Hampton, Va. – On November 15, the Hampton University Police Department was notified of a suspicious figure in the Hampton Harbors apartments. The man is described as a black man with a bald head wearing all black and weighing about 235 pounds. The voyeur was caught peeping into the windows of various homes in the apartment complex. “As a woman, this makes me feel unsafe… I don’t understand why Hampton has so many non-students who live in these apartments, but they […]

  • ‘Limitless’ pill improves brain functions and abilities

    Indianapolis, IN.- For years, many have imagined a pill or drug that could unlock endless possibilities for humans. The CBS show, ‘Limitless’, centers around a fictional drug by the name of NZT which gives the person who takes it mind-blowing abilities and super genius intelligence. Recently, studies at Oxford University have shown that a pill such as NZT may not be completely fictional. According to WTTV, The brain-enhancing drug known as Modafinil is approved to help with sleeping disorders and has extreme […]

  • Norfolk inmates get crafty and give back

    Inmates in the Norfolk city jail have decided to volunteer their time to knit hats that will be donated to these unfortunate homeless people.

  • Hampton decks the docks with a holiday lighted boat parade

    The city of Hampton is ready for the holidays as they gear up for the 27th Annual Downtown Hampton Lighted Boat Parade.

  • Coffee with a Cop starts conversations in Newport News

    The Newport News Police Department has taken initiative to make their community a better place.

  • Whole Foods opens in Newport News

    Newport News, Va.- The popular grocery store Whole Foods is coming to Newport News and many are extremely excited. The store is scheduled to open tomorrow with a bread-breaking ceremony at 8:45 a.m. and will open its doors at 9:00 a.m. The store is now located in the Tech Center at the corner of Oyster Point Road and Jefferson Ave. Developers are anticipating a large opening day. Valet parking will be offered to customers on the day of the opening, […]

  • Student achievement soars in Newport News Public Schools

    Newport News, Va.- Newport News Public Schools are celebrating their recent success in gaining accreditation across the board. Fifteen schools were accredited this year, whereas only seven received accreditation in 2014. The Standards of Learning (SOL) tests are one factor used to determine accreditation. This year, public schools across the district have shown incredible improvement in SOL test scores. Accreditation requires 75 percent of students to pass the English section of the SOLs and 70 percent of students to pass […]

  • Suffolk surgeon brings scholarship to Hampton Roads community

    The L.D. Britt, MD Scholarship Fund is celebrating its 20th year of providing scholarships to minority medical students. The scholarship fund was started by the highly successful surgeon, L.D. Britt. Dr. Britt is a proud native of Suffolk and was the valedictorian of Booker T. Washington High School. After graduating from both Harvard Medical School and Harvard School of Public Health, he began a successful medical career. He is the first African American in the Commonwealth of Virginia to achieve […]

  • Swimming advisory lifted in North Carolina

    Morehead City, NC.- Today, North Carolina state officials lifted their warnings against swimming in coastal waters. The flooding and high rainfall from recent storms may have led to excessive bacteria in the water. On October 5, a warning to avoid swimming in all coastal waters was issued to the public. Since then, the North Carolina Water Quality Program has discovered that the amount of bacteria is now at a safe level for swimming and water play. Four locations remain under […]

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