Act 3 Podcast: Knives Out and the No Time to Die Trailer

Steven Wahl and Chandler Nunnally love movies!

This week we’re talking about “Knives Out,” from writer and director Rian Johnson. This is a film that Chandler and I have been excited about for the last six months. Does it deliver or disappoint? We’re also talking about new movie trailers because last week we got a lot of them. We’ll rundown the first looks at “No Time to Die,” “Black Window” and “Mulan.” And we also talk about Willem Dafoe a lot in this episode. Stick around to the end and see what you think of Chandler’s Green Goblin impression.

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Act One: News

-02:08 – Trailer Talk: “No Time to Die”

-06:10 – Trailer Talk: “Black Widow”

-10:20 – Trailer Talk: “Mulan”

-12:55 – Disney developing a new “Planet of the Apes” Film

-16:05 – “Watchmen” is a Hit for HBO

Act Two: What We’re Watching

-18:05 – Chandler – “Jojo Rabbit” and “Booksmart”

-21:20 – Steven – “The Toys that Made Us” and “The Movies that Made Us”

Act Three:  “Knives Out” Review/Discussion

-28:30 – Non-Spoilers

-38:04 – SPOILERS

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