533 pound Great White Shark pings inland inside Albemarle Sound

Photo courtesy: Ocearch

Photo courtesy: Ocearch Tracker

DARE Co., N.C. – A 533 pound, 9’8″ Great White Shark has made his way inland.

His name is Cabot and he was tagged by Ocearch in Nova Scotia. The organization said SeaWorld named Cabot using suggestions from Nova Scotians after the explorer John Cabot.

The large shark pinged in the Albemarle Sound Wednesday at 8 p.m., just past Point Harbor.

Ocearch previously said Cabot was making big moves south down the Delmarva Peninsula and added he could be following several other sharks who made their way south over the past few weeks.

Ocearch said the white shark southern migration is in full swing right now.

The Albemarle Sound borders the beaches of the Outer Banks and winds into North Carolina mainland estuaries and streams.

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