Shop on Eastern Shore selling special beer for $230; it’s illegal in 15 states

CHINCOTEAGUE, Va. – Poseidon’s Pantry, a gourmet deli and grocery stop, announced in early November that they’re selling a bottle of beer that costs $230!

The beverage is a rare and much-coveted beer made by Sam Adams. According to a post made on the shop’s Facebook, the beer is so alcohol heavy that it’s illegal in 15 states.

The barrel-aged, hand-bottled beer is called Utopias 2019. Sources say the bottle holds 25.4 ounces and the alcohol content is 28 percent.

Poseidon’s Pantry says they’re selling the beer for $230.

You can find more information on the Sam Adams website or by going to Poseidon’s Pantry Facebook. 

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