Norfolk man says thief stole packages from front porch

NORFOLK, Va. -  It took a suspected thief all of 20 seconds to casually walk onto Drew Webb’s front porch Saturday and take two packages.

Webb said the man stole them from his home in the west Ghent section of Norfolk.

“If a package gets stolen, you kind of expect someone to conceal their identity a little bit better, and he was just pretty upfront,” homeowner Drew Webb explained.

In the video, all the suspected thief had on to disguise his identity was a pair of sunglasses.

Webb said what was inside the packages wasn’t worth stealing, but wants everyone to see what happened.

“Our biggest thing is, it’s coming up to the holiday season, and there’s gonna be a lot of packages that are worth a lot more on people’s porches. I just hope that this guy is not out there taking them,” Webb said.

Based on how careless the suspected thief was, Webb said he doesn’t believe it’s the man’s first time taking someone else’s precious valuables.

“The way he did it was so cavalier and so nonchalant that it just made us realize that he’s probably done it before,” Webb said.

Webb told News 3 the suspected thief snatched the items over the weekend while he was out of town.

He told us he has reported the theft to police.

If you know who the man in the video is, take action and call the Crime Line at 1-888-LOCK-U-UP.

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