Act 3 Podcast: Tom Holland, One Takes, and Ad Astra

Steven Wahl and Chandler Nunnally love movies!

It’s the Act 3 podcast, back again with your latest news, and reviews and trends in film, television and pop-culture. In this week’s show we’re taking about Tom Holland and his instrumental role in getting Disney and Sony to the bargaining table on the Spider-Man deal. And if you like immersive cinematography, there’s some interesting news about the upcoming World War 1 epic, 1917 from director Sam Mendes. Plus we’re talking about the Brad Pitt space exploration/dad issues film Ad Astra. If you’re listening for the usual jokes and antics there’s plenty of that too!

Time Codes:

Act One: News

-01:40 – Tom Holland Helped Bring Spider-Man Back To Marvel
-05:20 – WW1 Film “1917” Is Made To Look Like One Continuous Shot
-10:45 – “Birds Of Prey” Gets A New Trailer
-15:00 – WILL CALL:  Will Smith Releases A Limited Line Of Clothing Inspired By “Fresh Prince”

Act Two: What We’re Watching

-21:10 – Steven and Chandler: “Between Two Ferns: The Movie”
-24:10 – Chandler: Buying Star Wars Toys On “#TripleForceFriday”

Act Three:  “Ad Astra” Review And Discussion

-32:20 – Non Spoilers
-39:15 – SPOILERS

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