Study shows Chesapeake households like their home-brewed coffee more than most Americans

CHESAPEAKE, Va. – The citizens of Chesapeake may like their home brewed coffee more than most Amercians.

According to a recent WalletHub study, Chesapeake ranks second in the United States for cities with the highest percentage of households that own coffee makers.

The study also looked at the Best Coffee Cities in America, which, featured Norfolk (75), Chesapeake (81) and Virginia Beach (58).

WalletHub said in the study that it compared the 100 largest cities across 14 key indicators of coffee lover-friendliness. Data collected ranged from the number of coffee shops, coffee houses and cafés per capita to average price per pack of coffee. Also, the company looked at retail savings for customers in these cities.

Coffee first became popular in the U.S. after the Boston Tea Party, when the switch was seen as “patriotic,” according to PBS.

The top ten ranked cities in the study for Best Coffee Cities in America included: Seattle, Washington; New York, New York; San Francisco, California; Portland, Oregon; Los Angeles, California; Chicago, Illinois; Washington D.C.; Miami, Florida; San Diego, California; Boston, Massachusetts.

Check out more about the study here.

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