Local tattoo parlors celebrate Friday the 13th with discounted tattoos

NORFOLK, Va. - When you think of Friday the 13th, typically black cats, bad luck and superstitions come to mind. But at local tattoo parlors, they think of ink.

Several businesses all over Hampton Roads advertised discounted tattoo prices on Facebook for this Friday the 13th. At Otzi Tattoo Agency, artists say it's the perfect way to celebrate.

"It's something that’s different, out of the ordinary," explained Sean Karn, co-owner and artist at Otzi. "This gets a new clients coming in, and it's fun."

The business has a number of Friday the 13th-themed tattoos people can choose from. They range in price but are all less expensive than typical tattoos.

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Otzi has been having this event every Friday the 13th since they opened in 2013.

"The tattoos are lighthearted tattoos, while most of them - it’s just the fun part of it."

The business says they offer a similar deal on Halloween.

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