Wind, rain, storm surge, flooding, here’s what Hurricane Dorian could bring to your area

Wind, rain, storm surge, flooding, here’s what Hurricane Dorian could bring to your area
Posted at 12:40 PM, Sep 04, 2019
and last updated 2019-09-06 03:04:41-04

What will we get in (insert town here)? This is the number one question the News 3 meteorologists get when tracking any significant weather event, especially hurricanes.

Here is a breakdown of what we are expecting with the wind, rain, and storm surge from Hurricane Dorian (as of Wednesday afternoon).

**Note: You will not see every city/county on this list. Find the location closest to you.

(Example: Newport News is not on the list. It is between Hampton and Williamsburg.)

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  • Hatteras: 70-90 G110
  • Kill Devil Hills: 50-70 G90
  • Elizabeth City: 50-60 G70
  • Virginia Beach: 45-55 G75
  • Hampton: 35-45 G60
  • Edenton: 45-55 G70
  • Franklin: 20-30 G45
  • Williamsburg: 20-30 G45
  • Eastern Shore: 35-45 G55

Timing: Winds will gradually pick up Thursday to Friday with the strongest winds Friday morning to midday.


  • Hatteras: 6-10”
  • Kill Devil Hills: 6-10”
  • Elizabeth City: 6-10”
  • Virginia Beach: 4-8”
  • Hampton: 3-5”
  • Edenton: 6-10″
  • Franklin: 2-4”
  • Williamsburg: 1-3”
  • Eastern Shore: 2-5”

Timing: Some of the outer rain bands will move in on Thursday. The heavy widespread rain will be on Friday.


  • Hampton Roads: 2-4’
  • Albemarle: 2-4’
  • Outer Banks: 4-7’

Timing: Highest storm surge will be on Friday when the center of Dorian is right along the NC coast.


We could see flash flooding due to the heavy rain over several hours on Friday

Major level tidal flooding is expected during times of high tide Friday afternoon

Coastal flooding is expected due to rough surf and storm surge

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